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Daily Horoscope: Your day today

Aries: Stars will help add tenderness to your intimate relationships. Spending time one-on-one with whom you hold most dear will benefit you greatly.

Taurus: Today is for friendships and associations.Take a break and go out for a long lunch.

Gemini: This day may bring you lots of luck. The way other cultures work could hold the answer to a problem; what seems foreign to you may be the key to success.

Cancer: There’s too much aggressive talk and some people seem to prefer to bring back the biff. Hang out with the locals tonight, but don’t get argumentative about sports, religion, or politics.

Leo: Here could be something of a breakdown in communication, especially if related to children, or shared financial commitments.

Virgo: A day of undercover emotions. Someone at work might explode without any warning. This has been brewing, but like bubbles underneath wallpaper, you could never quite have known what you’d find until the damage was done.

Libra: All eyes are on you. Avoid the embarrassment of a public scene by channelling the excess energy into creative projects… your ability to tap into the next big thing should be high today. Either way, you’ll be feeling pressure.

Scorpio: In terms of your career, this is what’s happening now. Remember, the Sun is always just behind the clouds.

Sagittarius: Stars might have you talking too much about your innermost feelings. It’s a good idea to edit yourself a little.

Capricorn: Today you’ll ooze charm, so don’t hesitate to ask for what you want. Express yourself with confidence.

Aquarius: Today you may not feel like talking as much as usual, but your mind will be focused on self-reflection.

Pisces: You are surely taking things a bit too seriously in a romance today. While it’s critical to treat your heart with care, you are going a bit overboard.



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