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Over 100 Pakistan Websites hacked by India’s Mallu Cyber Soldiers

India’s Mallu Cyber Soldiers hack more than 100 Pakistan websites yesterday.

Mallu Cyber Soldiers statement :

We are back after a short break, you may think we had time for break to relax. Don’t ever dream like that.

Day and night, we have been observing any matter related to our nation’s cyber security. Well, you know our style of pay back right?

Yes Porkis, we, Indians are only familiar with the custom of chopping heads off even if you just try to have a plan of attacking on our cyber space.

Just have a look over 100s of your websites and have a KitKat break to enjoy the very next operation. Please don’t forget to check updates on your UNIVERSITY WEBSITE

These are the hacked websites:

#Jai_Hind #mcs #the_mallu_cyber_soldiers #tribute_to_our_master_cyb403 by #fresh_bloods…


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