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From snake to crocodile meat can be a good antidote snack for bad heart

In the Philippines, there’s a menagerie on the menu. Grilled, barbequed, sauteéd, boiled, simmered, baked. Monitor lizard diced and sauteed, pig blood stewed into a pudding, snake as a snack, monkeys for a feast, red ant eggs to munch. And Crocodile served with rice. Do not dismiss the croc.

Crocodile meat is popular in most Asian countries and it is considered as delicate one.

For the locals, the croc is a doc. Crocodile meat!!! It is an antidote for a bad heart. It lowers your cholesterol, raises the libido. Crocodile meat is considered an aphrodisiac and the best way to eat the meat of the aquatic reptile is to turn it into a sisig.

Health Benefits of Crocodile Meat

The main reason for eating crocodile meat is to get the medicinal benefits. People in China have regularly consumed crocodile meat and it has also been the substitute of some other types of meat like beef and pork. Here is the list of health benefits of crocodile meat:

1. Cure skin problem

It is the main benefits that you may get if you consume crocodile meat. People in Asian countries believed that by eating crocodile meat, it can cure eczema, itchy skin and another skin disease including skin allergy.

2. Build muscle

Crocodile meat contains the high level of protein which is important in the muscle building process. Eating 100 gr serving of crocodile meat contain 46g of protein, based on Health Promotion Board. The protein of crocodile meat is higher that protein which found in chicken meat.

3. Prevent heart disease

The protein and amino acid which contained in crocodile meat can prevent from the heart problem. Crocodile meat also contains potassium which also plays important role in keeping the heart function.


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