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Are your electronics creating a Vastu dosh?

Do you know, keeping broken electronics and non functional chargers of your house affects your financial condition and takes away peace of mind? 
Scientific studies conducted in this area have proven that positive surroundings and good vibes do maximum contribution to the success of individuals.
According to Maha Guru, Gaurav Mittal, the habit of preserving the old mobile phones, broken chargers, useless iPad, music systems generate bad energy in the house. Such useless electronic equipments not just create litter in the house, they also obstruct good and positive energy to circulate in your home. 
If not in use, you may dispose of the electronic items like broken chargers, batteries and other such accessories. 
Not only do they create the unnecessary mess, they also act as a barrier to a free flow of positive energy in the house. Wires of various appliances and gadgets should not be mingled together. 
This shows that the affairs of the house are also in a jumbled up state. If we have dumped toasters, hand blenders or jars in our Kitchen after purchasing new ones, we should give away such stuff to someone who needs it or they should be disposed of away.
If you wish to keep these things presuming you may have to use them in the future then you need to keep them properly. 
Electronic gadgets which are currently not in use in your house should be properly placed in a paper carton. This will ensure that any sort of electromagnetic waves is checked and controlled there itself.


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