Meet the 5 popular celebrities who were teachers !

India celebrates teachers’ day today to commemorate the birth of one of the most famous teachers in the country and its first Vice President, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

Many famous teachers are remembered on this day including legendary Rabindranath Tagore who laid the foundation of a novel form of teaching at Shantiniketan, the historic Chanakya who taught political techniques to King Chandragupta Maurya and the beloved teacher APJ Abdul Kalam who served as India’s 11th President. Even world renowned scientists Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton are fondly remembered as teachers.

These are the popular celebs who were teachers: 

Akshay Kumar

This Bollywood superstar who is famous for his abundant action films, served as a teacher at a point in his life. What subject did he teach, you wonder? No surprises there ! The 49-year-old actor once taught martial arts in Mumbai, a skill he has since talked about at innumerable platforms. This was a while before he took up acting as a career.

Nandita Das

Inspirational actor and filmmaker known for some powerhouse performances in her career, Nandita taught for a long time after completing her Masters degree in Delhi. The filmmaker, 47, busy shooting Manto, served as a teacher at a school.

Hugh Jackman

Not many know that the debonair Hollywood actor, whose most recent outing was in blockbuster Logan as the fierce Wolverine, was a teacher as well. The Australian actor, 48, served as a Physical Education teacher in 1987 before making it big in the world of glitz and glamour. With a body as fit as his, we are sure that none of his students must be complaining. The charming actor even met one of his student on a red carpet recently and received him warmly.

Sylvester Stallone


One of the most revered action figures in the world, the legendary Rambo was once a teacher. No prizes for guessing that the 71-year-old American actor taught ways to attain fitness as a gym teacher at American College of Switzerland.


Multi-faceted musician, singer, songwriter, and actor, Sting, whose real name is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner had a brief stint as a teacher as well. The Grammy award-winning English singer, 65, wore the teaching hat at St. Paul’s First School in England. Sting even attended the Northern Counties Teacher’s Training College before teaching at the school.


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