Some facts of Marriage Line in Palmistry !

The marriage line reveals the affection or relation in one’s married life. The marriage line is also known as the Affection or Relationship Line. The location of this line in hand is just below the base of the little finger and above the Heart Line and it denotes the correct time period for marriage and all the outlook towards love.


The number of marriage line is not fixed on the palm as it differs according to the person. Some people have more than one marriage line or multiple marriage lines on their hand while some people have one.  In the condition of having multiple marriage lines the analysis is done on the basis of longest one. It is also possible that a person doesn’t have any marriage line on their palm.


It can be also variations in the marriage line as it can also state different meanings but not to worry about this. If your marriage line does not give an ideal feel you should not be disheartened, as it also changed according to the growing life. The relationship depends on the proper care and understandings. Beyond this marriage line one should nurture their relationship with lots of warmth and affection.

The indication is favourable of having long and straight marriage line it shows of having deep and long lasting love. The people spend more happily and satisfying marriage line blessed with this type of line. If this deep line is close to or touches the Sun Line, it says that you not only have a happy married life but you are also bound to be successful in your career post marriage.

The short line indicates lack of patience in falling or trusting of love, a sign of late marriage is indicated having short marriage line.

The line curving upwards indicates a constant and steady flowing love life and great companionship and camaraderie between you both.

The forked line doesn’t show a great sign as it can also lead to separation or can lead to divorce. The split ends line indicates of facing many confusing situations in your life.

The islands forming indicates family conflicts and also physiological incompatibility with your partner.

The islands forming at the beginning indicates of not having smooth love relationship before marriage.

The islands forming in the centre indicates great twists and turns in your love life.

Island forming at the end indicates of having obstacles and troubles after marriage.

If your palm contains numerous overlapping of lines it may be difficult to find a good partner and may be it can leave you unmarried.

The short line above and below the marriage line indicates that the relationship will be comprised of many fights and you will not be able to manage relationship because of your stubborn character.

Multiple marriage lines did not indicate multiple marriages anyway.

Two parallel running lines of same lengths indicate a sign of tough marriage.

The two parallel lines of different lengths indicate that it is easy for you to fall in love-triangle.

People having three lines are usually talented, romantic and feel passionately towards the opposite sex and they are alike a bag of mixed emotions.


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