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Simple ways to protect your ears and hearing

Frequent and long-term exposure to loud noise or noise pollution can damage your ear’s sensitive structure and lead to loss of hearing. This week, i.e. September 18 to September 24, is celebrated as International Week of the Deaf to raise awareness about sign language and human rights. Ears, although usually taken for granted, are an important part of your life.

The world was introduced to you by the sweet voice of your mother. You rely on your hearing as much as your sight. So, you need to protect your ears from the damage caused by noise pollution. Here are some tips to protect your ears and hearing.

1. Turn down the volume

People usually use an audio device with earphones while traveling and to drown out the surrounding noise, they increase the volume of the music. This can lead to a noise-induced hearing loss. It is advisable to use your headphones at less than 60 percent of the volume and for less than 60 minutes a day. Also, use over-the-ear headphones instead of earbuds.

2. Don’t use earbuds

Though, it feels good to use earbuds, refrain from using it for your inner ears as it will only push the wax further down the canal. Your ears can clean itself and little amount of wax is important to stop harmful particles and dust from damaging the canal. Visit an ENT specialist if there is excess wax.

3. Use earplugs when in noisy environment

Festivals and events usually have several speakers blaring out some song and this can damage your hearing. Many people lose their hearing after working with heavy machines and motors for an extended period. If you are in a noisy environment, make sure you are wearing earplugs.

4. Keep your ears dry

Moisture can cause ear infection and harmful for your hearing. So, after swimming or bathing, use a towel to gently dry your ears. Also, wear swimmer’s earplug while swimming to keep ear infections at bay.

5. Give rest to your ears

After a period of loud noise like a concert, give your ears a break. Step out frequently to give your ears some time to rest and recover.

Regular exercise is also important to keep your hearing healthy. Exercises like cycling and jogging will pump blood to each part of your body and will help your ears to work efficiently and stay healthy.

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