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Diwali 2017 : Top ideas for decorating your home this Diwali

Diwali the festival of lights is just around the corner and everybody is busy decorating their houses with sparkling lights and other decorative things. This Deepawali explore these 6 ways to decorate the interiors of your house.

Diwali the festival of lights which is mostly celebrated by north Indians is just around the corner and everybody is busy decorating their houses with sparkling lights and other decorative things. But we often give it a miss to decorate the interiors of our houses because we get tied by with other things on the most auspicious festival of north India. Deepavali is also celebrated by giving gifts (sweets, dry fruits or other household items) to the family members and  to friends.

These are some ways you can decorate the interiors of your house this Diwali to give it a warm look and to feel the auspiciousness and positivity at home:

Turn wine glasses into candle holders

Many people have a passion to collect coins, stamps and many more like this but some people have a habit of collecting different types of glasses. Those who have glasses at home could turn them as a decoration this festive season. Wine glasses could be used as candle holders; you can place it up-side-down and convert them into candle stands.

Decorate them by keeping a flower inside each glass and place the candle at the base of the glass. 

Fairy lights in the bedroom

Fairy lights or the normal sparkling lights can be used anywhere in the house but these lights give a special effect when you put them in the bedroom. It could keep you calm and away from darkness in the room on Diwali. Adding to that, you can also hang some of your pictures on the lights so that you can go down memory lane and re-live old and beautiful memories. 

Reuse glass bottles

You can also reuse some old and unwanted things to decorate the interiors of your house. Like unwanted glass bottles are often used to keep plants in the bedroom or/at any place in your house. You can also use these glass bottles by making it a lamp just beside your bed. You can put fairy lights inside the glass bottle and viola you have your homemade lamp and a fascinating showpiece for your house this Deepawali.

Wall Hangings

Talking about many things that you usually dispose of, one can reuse them to make a decorative wall hanging. Any old tin box (cookies box) or a sieve can be used by hanging on a wall and placing a floating candle inside of it, just like in the image below:

Floating Candles in your rooms

Floating Candles can be kept in a bowl of water with flower petals at any corner of the house which gives a feeling of the festival of lights, Deepawali.

Bonus tip for this Diwali

A special idea to decorate your home this Diwali, when you call your family and friends at home is that one can make this pretty floral curtain which you can hang on either side of your entrance or at the living room or anywhere you want to because it will look stunning and unique.


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