Whose cheeseburger stalking is right, Google’s or Apple’s ?

Two technology kingpins are now brainstorming about the right way to stack a Cheeseburger. Surprisingly Google and Apple are those giants still in a debate on the topic. Seems like an innocuous question, even silly, but apparently it is a question that is keeping Google’s all-powerful CEO Sundar Pichai a little restless. The issue at stake is the accusation that Apple gets the cheeseburger emoji right in its phones while Google’s Android doesn’t.

Apple’s cheeseburger emoji has cheese on the top of the patty (round flat grounded beef) and under the tomato slice. Whereas the Google emoji for burger shows cheese under patty. It seems that Apple’s burger is the right burger. The cheese indeed goes over the patty, because then it can melt with the heat over the meat and other fillings. Cheese under the patty doesn’t make any sense.

The debate started after Thomas Baekdal, a media person pointed out that the cheeseburger emoji by Google has the cheese slice below the patty, which in real life isn’t the case. Now Google CEO has weighed on the issue after a tweet highlighting the two differences between the burger emojis went viral. Pichai posted: “Will drop everything else we are doing and address on Monday :) if folks can agree on the correct way to do this!” Of course.

He then compared the Google’s cheeseburger to Apple’s. Similar is the case with other companies like Microsoft, Samsung, LG, Whatsapp, Facebook. All these companies place the cheese slice on top of the patty in their emojis, but Google places it below. On a more serious note, it highlights the way Apple and Google do things. Apple has a reputation for perfection. The company wants to get everything right. Maybe that is why it gets little details in phones absolutely perfect. Google is more playful.


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