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This is young India’s reasons for not getting married: Which one is your reason?

In India, the discussions of the youngster’s marriage plans reach their ears even before they have themselves think about it. The routine questions from a public gathering either wedding, housewarming or even death ceremony are like

“Oh, you won’t find many good options if you wait for long.”

“What about your biological clock? You must have kids before you turn 30.”

“Your marriage is a responsibility on us, get married and relieve us of it.”

“You will end up dying lonely if you don’t get married.”

The concerned relatives and friends have countless opinions and logic to force one to get married. Many youngsters are spoiled their life failed to handle this pressure from all around.

Let’s go through some of the justifications and reason behind young India don’t want to get married soon.

“I am yet to find a man enough to handle me”

A 38-year-old Ayandrali Dutta, who’s a travel blogger and journalist by profession. The best part of the trip was she did not need a “partner” or “companion” to enjoy the excursion. She was all by herself and this is she said I have been single for quite some time now. I feel men could not handle a girl like me who’s super independent, can manage everything herself from fixing punctured tires to managing the entire household and is professionally successful.

Another girl Ayandrali loves her freedom and is not willing to trade it for any relationship that it not worth it. She loves the fact that does not need to take someone’s permission to head out for a party, attend an event, go for heritage walk or travel every month.
For some, career comes first

It’s all about how you prioritize things.

We belong to a generation that is quite career oriented and is running a rat race to be better than their peers. Actually never had time for relationships. How could I have committed to a person when I was under financial responsibilities and had a career on the top of my priority list,” tells Rohan Jain, a-34-year-old.

Oh! Commitment is scary!

With live-in relationships becoming common and dating apps available just a few clicks away, the concept of commitment, dedication and loyalty have taken a back seat for many. In fact, our generation is growing more inclined towards hookups than commitment. “I am scared of venturing into such relationships. I am an emotional person and don’t want to place my happiness in someone else’s hand. I will better stay single, and stay away from any commitment,” opines Yatin Khurana, a-36-year-old.


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