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The reason why banana leaves are popular in India

You may have wondered why the leaves of the banana plant are used on various occasions. Here are 8 reasons for it.

 1.The logic

Indian has the tradition of serving food on banana leaves we all are aware of. These leaves have known as the purest form of serving the food and also used in offering the Prasad to the diets. In the south India serving the food to the guest on the banana leaves is a tradition on special days and occasion, festivals.

  1. Rich in antioxidant

Stuffed with polyphones which are also found in green tea and some leafy vegetables, banana leaves are rich in anti-oxidants that help prevent aging, lifestyle disease and some types of cancer.

  1. Chemical –Free

Using the banana leaf saves you from licking the chemical residue of your washing powder gel that lurks unseen on the plate. It saves from the chemicals that can be found in plastic plates.

  1. Healthful

These leaves have a waxy exterior they are simple to clean as dust not stick to them just wash them with some water and you can eat on them.

5.It fits well

Being larger than the leaves of most plants, the banana leaf can be cut in different sizes and can be placed on a platter of any size.  


 The food which gets served in the banana leaf get tastier you will believe it or not as hot food get served on the leaf, the wax coating dissolves to give an earthy taste to the food.


While plastic and thermocol plates are non-bio degradable and take many years to break down. But banana leaves are eco-friendly and can be turned into manure.


Alternately of wasting water in cleaning your utensils, eating on banana leaves (if they are easily available) is not just convenient.


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