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Hundreds of these two major infantry army troops of India fight each other with guns

The two army troops of Indian army went head to head fight after a training exercise. The Royal Gurkha Rifles lashed out at troops from 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment.

The clash happened at the end of the eight-week exercise between the troops. The Paratroops having a motto of Ready for anything grabbed spare heavy machine-gun barrels to hit back at the Royal Gurkha Rifles having a motto of Better to die than to be a coward.

Several troop members were injured. An insider said that It was like a scene from a football hooligan film. Soldiers were fighting using rifles and spare general purpose machine gun barrels as clubs.

Sources said there had been bad blood between the units since a brawl when they faced each other in the same exercise at Archer’s Post base in Nanyuki, Kenya, two years ago.

One Army source tried to play down Thursday’s battle during Exercise Askari Storm, saying: “These are two of the most elite infantry units in the world training intensely.


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