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See; Man sprays hotel receptionist with fire extinguisher.

A man in China went berserk and sprayed a hand-held fire extinguisher at a hotel receptionist for denying him a room in the hotel.

The video captured on the hotel CCTV shows the man barging into the hotel premises and spraying the fire extinguisher on the woman, covering her in a dense cloud of foam. A security guard is seen trying to pacify the man as the terrified woman hides behind her desk, covering her eyes.

The woman then called the police to report the incident that took place in Xi’an in China’s Shaanxi province on Saturday.

The man was reportedly furious after an argument over the phone with the receptionist who refused to book a room for him as he denied revealing his name, according to reports in CGTN. He also hurled abuses at the woman causing her to hang up on him. The agitated man who then drove down to the hotel and attacked her.


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