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Maharashtra CM slammed for attending Christmas charity event

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’s wife Amruta Fadnavis, who attended a Christmas charity event in Mumbai Monday, was trolled on Twitter after she tweeted a photograph of the event.

Several users slammed her for promoting a charity linked to Christmas, while others accused her of “spreading Christianity”.

In her response, Amruta told: “I’m a proud Hindu & like many, I celebrate every festival in my country & that is an individual choice. We represent the true spirit of our country . and that doesn’t dilute our love towards our country, religion & humanity. In my capacity as a Proud Hindu Citizen, I will always try to unite & bring in harmony wherever I can. But just wish to remind you that empathetic journalists & journalism should not ignite the fire of religious differences. I can’t stop a serene action bcoz of some wrong deeds!”

Amruta said, “I genuinely thought that was a good cause to associate with. What mattered to me was the smiles on the faces of these poor children but the whole thing was showcased in the absolutely negative light.”


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