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A sister, beg people to come up with details on who may have killed their family

Family and friends of the four people found killed in a Lansingburgh basement apartment the day after Christmas gathered at the Troy Boy & Girls Club on Thursday, Dec. 28, 2017, to remember the victims.

Family members of the Troy homicide victims are urging people to come forward with information on who may have taken the lives of two women and two children in their Second Avenue apartment.

“Give the information to the authorities so that they can help find the person who has destroyed us, emotionally, mentally,” Symes told

Myers, two of her three children – Shanise Myers, 5, and Jeremiah “JJ” Myers, 11 – as well as her partner 22-year-old Brandi Mells were found dead in their apartment at 158 Second Ave. on Tuesday.

Troy police still aren’t saying how the victims died, nor are they providing details on possible suspects, but Chief John Tedesco has assured the public there is no imminent danger because it appears the victims were targeted. Officials also are seeking the public’s help.

Myers’s 15-year-old son Isaiah Smith is the sole survivor in the family. He was away when he got word of his family.
“I’m scared to go to the corner store,” the teen said. “I’m not sure if they’re coming for me next.”

Myers was mild-mannered and obliging, always wanting to help someone and typically offering to cook delicious meals, family members said
The victims were found dead at about 12:50 p.m. Tuesday. Law enforcement sources said all four of the victims were bound, with their throats cut.

Albany’s Victory Christian Church announced it would offer a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators.

Family members fear what could happen if this goes unsolved. They stressed that with each passing it day their fear escalates and pleaded with the public to come forward.

“They were home, safe in their house. Understand how important the safety of your house is,” Symes said. “It’s about the answers that we deserve and we need.”


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