There is a major health benefit for persons having sex regularly, Check this out

From chugging coffee cups in the morning to eating a salmon dinner, many of us follow routine weird gimmicks to help boost our memory. Well, today, we’ve got you something that has ‘proven’ to be really effective to boost memory…sex! Yes, you read right.

How many of you’ll are worried that your memory will eventually run out? You know what we mean! Memory loss is a common issue we face, sometimes later in life and for a few, sometimes really early in life.

A study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior has found an association between getting it on and having better memory, especially when it came to word recognition. In this particular study, it found that women who have sex regularly showed signs of better verbal memory.

After a proper analysis of results of the research, the researchers noticed an interesting connection: The women who reported high on sex fared significantly better than the other women in the research group.

While short-term memory has proven to definitely be better amongst those who have sex frequently, Jens Pruessner, PhD, said he believes that “the long-term memory effects should be similar.” Dr Pruessner also said that sex may help improve other cognitive functions centralized in the hippocampus, such as spatial navigation (think: using landmarks to remember directions).

However, do keep in mind that this study doesn’t ensure a photographic memory so you’ll want to take it easy (wink, wink). 


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