Enlightening Your Minds: Significance of Maghrib (Evening) prayer in Islam

The Maghrib prayer prayed just after sunset, is the fourth of five obligatory daily prayers (salat) performed by practicing Muslims.

The formal daily prayers of Islam comprise different numbers of units, called rak’at.

The Maghrib prayer has three obligatory (fard) rak’at and two recommended sunnah and two non-obligatory nafls. The first two fard rak’ats are prayed aloud by the Imam in congregation (the person who misses the congregation and is offering prayer alone is not bound to speak the first two rak’ats aloud), and the third is prayed silently.

To be considered valid salat, the formal daily prayers must each be performed within their own prescribed time period. People with a legitimate reason have a longer period during which their prayers will be valid.

Maghrib time begins when the sun has completely set beneath the horizon; immediately after the Asr prayer period ends.

Quran says that At the time of Maghrib, the Spectrum of the Universe is at level with the frequency of the Jinns and Iblees. The Universe changes Red. Everyone is Recommended to pray Maghrib first.

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