Enlightening Your Minds: What Quran says about Earth

The Earth is green and beautiful, and Allah has appointed you his stewards over it. The whole Earth has been created a place of worship, pure and clean. Whoever plants a tree and diligently looks after it until it matures and bears fruit is rewarded. If a Muslim plants a tree or sows a field and humans and beasts and birds eat from it, all of it is love on his part.

Surat Luqman: “Do you not see that Allah (swt) has made what is in the heaven and Earth subservient to you and made complete to you His favors outwardly and inwardly?” [31:20]

Surat Al-Teen: “We have indeed created man in the best of molds.” [95:4]

Surat Al-Sajdah: “He Who created all things in the best way and He began the creation of man from clay.” [32:7]

Surat Ale Imran: “And to Allah belongs the dominion of the Heaven and Earth, and Allah is over all things. Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and earth, and the alternation of the night and the day are signs for those of understanding.” [189-90]

Surat Al-Roum: “Devote thyself single-mindedly to the faith, and thus follow the nature designed by Allah, the nature according to which He has fashioned mankind; there is no altering the creation of Allah.” [30:30]

Surat Al-An’am: “And there is no animal that walks upon the Earth nor a bird that flies with its two wings but they are like yourselves; We have not neglected anything in the book, and then to their Lord shall they be gathered.” [6:38]


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