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Tiger to get a new limb; will MAFSU efforts be successful?

We have seen humans with missing limbs. Some have the access to set an artificial limb to their body. But what about an animal. Is such a surgery possible?

In what may be the first instance, a tiger in Maharashtra will be getting a prosthetic limb, with the joint efforts of Maharashtra Animal and Fisheries Science University (MAFSU) and a leading orthopedic surgeon of Nagpur.

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The veterinary doctors of Maharashtra Animal and Fisheries Science University (MAFSU) and orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Sushrut Babhulkar have joined hands for surgically attaching prosthesis in a male tiger at Nagpur’s Gorewada Rescue Centre.

While such a surgery has been done on some of the animals across the world, it is possibly the first time that a tiger will undergo it.


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