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Woman assaulted her co-worker for this strange reason

The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance had sentenced a woman assaulted her co-worker to three years in jail and fined her Dh10,000.

A salon worker, who was convicted of hitting her colleague in the face with a phone charger because she was sleeping at the work place, has appealed her three-year jail sentence.

Official court documents stated that the African woman saw the Asian worker sleeping in a chair at the beauty salon in Abu Dhabi after she felt tired because she had spent the whole day working.

The defendant allegedly tried to wake the Asian woman and told her she had left most of the work to her. She also said it was not proper for the Asian to sleep in the salon as they had customers to attend to. But this annoyed the Asian woman.

An argument broke out between the defendant, the Asian woman and her sister, who worked at the same salon.

During the quarrel, the African woman used a mobile phone charger to hit the victim in the face. A medical report said the Asian woman suffered 50 percent deformity in her face as a result of the wound she sustained.

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