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Kiss Day: Amazing Health Benefits Of Kissing

Kiss Day is the last day of Valentine week which means Valentine’s Day is just a day away. Kissing is one of the greatest expressions of romance. On this Kiss day here is some important information on Amazing Health Benefits Of Kissing We Bet You Didn’t Know Before:

Makes you happier


We occassionally fall prey to the phases of feeling low, when our confidence seems to have dipped considerably. At that point, an intense kiss can work wonders. By immediately uplifting your spirit, kissing makes you feel appreciated. It tells you that no matter what, you have someone to depend upon.

Brings you close to your partner

Our hectic schedules often leave us devoid of sufficient time to express how thankful we are for being in a committed relationship. Kissing your beloved is the easiest, least time-consuming and instant way of assuring your partner that your love is still alive.

Conditions your heart

Kissing your partner releases adrenaline, along with many other hormones in your body. These hormones in turn stimulate blood circulation in the body. This is a good workout for your heart. This also helps in conditioning your cardiac muscles and regulating blood pressure.

Helps you relieve stress

Call it anxiety or stress, personal and professional lives can be very demanding at times. In such scenarios, passionate kissing is the best solution. The act of kissing releases endorphins, which are the ‘feel good’ hormones in our body. It also decreases the cortisol, which is the ‘stress’ hormone. So, if you are feeling stressed then just take your partner in your arms and steal a kiss!

Gets rid of pain

Other than the happy hormones and adrenaline, kissing also releases oxytocin, dopamine, and phenylethylamine in the body. These hormones give you feelings of pleasure, along with reducing your pain. Also, these neurotransmitters give you a feeling of euphoria. So, if you experience a headache then just lean towards your partner for a lip-lock.

Exercises your face, makes it radiant

Medical studies have substantiated that kissing engages nearly 30-34 facial muscles. The face remains one of the biggest gymming challenges, with a paucity of exercises that can employ the facial muscles. Kissing helps to tighten and tone these muscles, ensuring that your youthful looks are sustained for a longer time. Also, by boosting blood circulation and releasing endorphins, kissing gives you a radiant skin.

Burns calories

Other than being an exercise for your face, kissing is good for your entire body as well. Well, kissing will not burn as many calories as walking, but still it is better than being sedentary. Kissing burns about 2 to 3 calories per minute. So, next time when you are just lazing on your couch, move into your partner’s arms for an impromptu and passionate workout.

Augments your immunity

Kissing is a great vaccination! Yes, those who kiss more often are less likely to fall ill. During kissing, our body secretes antibodies that boost the body’s immune system. So, kissing would not only make your relationship last long, but will also make you live longer.

Makes intimacy more passionate

To ensure that kissing retains its charisma, try to kiss in different ways. You can try anything from nibbling the lips, leaving a small bite at the end of your kiss, or just surprising your partner by kissing some unexplored parts. So, time to say cheers to lip-lock, we say!

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