Shocking events predicted by time traveller, claiming to be active from 2030 onwards

A man known as Noah is making headlines by claiming that he is a time traveler from 2030. Noah who first spoke about having time traveled in an interview with Paranormal Elite has got even more attention after winning lie detection tests.

The man, who wants to keep himself anonymous, appeared in videos with his face distorted.  He revealed that does not intend to disclose his real name as he fears that disclosing it will pose a threat to his life.  He also told that he has been suffering from depression and anorexia as he is ‘stuck in 2018’.

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Noah who claims to have time traveled multiple times says that he has visited years like 1999 and 2018. He also said that he is actually 50 years old but he took an age-reversing drug which helped him to look 25 years of age. Noah who appears very much distressed in the clip also made some wild predictions for the year 2021.

Some of these predictions are:

1.       Donald Trump will enjoy a second term in the office

2.       The granddaughter of Martin Luther King Jr. will become American President in 2030.

3.       Humans will be able to talk to aliens

4.       Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality will become hugely popular.

5.       There will be a war which would not be a world war.

6.       There will be cures for most forms of cancer.

7.       Private organizations will admit to the world that time-travel is real in the year 2028.



However, many critics have claimed that the results of the lie detector test are not clearly shown in the video. They accused Apex TV, the creators of the video, only flashes Noah’s answers with a ding noise which does not validate the lie detector. They also said that in any case lie detectors are accurate only up to 65 to 90 percent.  Earlier another man named Alexander Smith had claimed that he was a CIA agent who had time-traveled to the year 2118.


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