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Get high-speed WiFi at these low revamped prices; check out list

We are all attached to our electronic devices and of course the Wi-Fi. And we all prefer high-speed Wi-Fi.

But it comes with a high price.

UAE telecom operator du is revising its Wi-Fi package options, offering residents a chance to enjoy high-speed internet connection for as low as Dh10.

The company announced on Thursday that, in line with the revamp, it will be running a three-month promotion on its Wi-Fi offering and users will not just get the chance to pay less, they can enjoy short-term duration packages for internet usage.

Instead of just having options for three days or seven days of Wi-Fi access, users can sign up for one day, three days or ten days. The telecom operator said this will offer more flexibility, especially for tourists who are staying in the UAE for a very short period.

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New pricing options

Users will pay Dh10 for four hours of Wi-Fi over the course of one day. Those who opt to browse online or have access to the internet for 12 hours over three days, they can pay Dh25.For those who want to have Wi-Fi access for a total of 32 hours over ten days, the charge will be Dh50.

Du said the revamp is geared towards meeting the needs of different users and supporting the emirate’s goal of making Dubai a smart city

 “With these new pricing options, customers will be getting better value for their money, as they will be able to connect for more hours per dirham, while also having the option to opt for the smaller value purchase,” du said in a statement

“This revamp will help users get the most out of their Wi-Fi by enabling video streaming, social media and media-rich browsing experience. This will mean a better value for the customer, and will better match their individual needs.”

Jihad Tayara, vice president for business development and partnerships at du clarified that their free Wi-Fi will continue to offer “reliable internet connection” and will not be affected by the revamp.

“But now users will have the choice to benefit from flexible Wi-Fi packages which will offer high-speed internet access for all of their online needs,” Tayara said.

Users can opt to pay using their credit card or du recharge card.


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