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Man books Ola Cab from Bangalore to North Korea : Here’s the shocking bill details

Man books Ola Cabs from Bangalore to North Korea : Here’s the shocking bill details

North Korea remains one of the most secretive, tightly-controlled countries in the world. But a Bengaluru student was able to book a cab to the world’s most elusive country with just a click. Estimated cost of the round trip is Rs. 1.4 lakh.

On Saturday night, 21-year-old Prashant Shahi managed to a book a cab ride via Ola from his home in Bengaluru to South Pyongan, North Korea. The student says the realisation that it was even possible to do so was totally by chance.

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“North Korea had been trending all over the news… I once opened the Ola app instead of Google Maps to check North Korea’s road connectivity to South Korea. There, I noticed was the option for booking a cab. I was surprised to see it possible myself,” he said.

According to screenshot tweets , the cab company confirmed the ride and even sent driver details to the rider. The estimated fare for the five day road trip was a whopping Rs. 1,49,088.

Responding to tweets, the cab company said it was a technical glitch and restarting the phone would solve the problem.


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