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Woman commits suicide over mutton

Suicide and attempts are increasing as the days go by. But what is more disturbing than the act itself is the reasons behind the crime.

Surat police has booked 2 people connected with a suicide case. The victim is one of the accused’s wife.

The accused used to harass the woman and forced her to cook and eat mutton after which she took the extreme step.

Sraj Upadhyay and his uncle Manoj Upadhyay were arrested for abetting harassing and the suicide of 22-year-old Chandni, who had hanged herself on Sunday.

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The case initially began as accidental death, but was later changed to suicide after Chandi’s father Kaushal Pande registered a complaint.

Chandni got married to Vedprakash in April 2016 and since then the accused started harassing her. He used to make comments over her cooking skills and insulted her often. Vedprakash was joined by Manoj in the harassment and they both used to tell her that she did not bring enough from her home after marriage. They forced her to cook and eat mutton but it was no acceptable to Chandni.

She described about the harassment to her parents whenever she went to meet them. Her family believed that the issue will be solved with time but it continued. Due to increased harassment with demand to eat and cook mutton the woman ended life.


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