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These are the things you probably didn’t know about vagina

These are the things you probably didn’t know about vaginas

The human vagina is a part of the female body. It is between the perineum and the urethra. Menstrual fluid (red, blood-filled liquid lost during menstruation) leaves the body through the vagina. During sexual intercourse, a penis is put into the vagina. During birth, the vagina opens to let the baby come out from the uterus. The vagina is reddish pink in color, though colors may vary.The vaginal opening is much larger than the urethral opening.

Here are some facts you didnt know about the vagina :

1. Your food habits affect the smell of vagina. So, avoid garlic in a lovely night.

2. The word Vajina means Sword Holder in Latin.

3. A woman may have up to 134 orgasm per hour. But at this time a man can have a maximum of only 16 orgasm.

4. Penis captivus is a rare occurrence in intercourse when the muscles in the vagina clamp down on the penis much more firmly than usual (a form of vaginismus), making it impossible for the penis to withdraw from the vagina.

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5. The average size of vagina will have a 3-4 inch size. It will grow up to 200%.

6. Vagina has a self-cleaning system.

7. Vagina contains full of bacteria. There are also some good bacteria found in vagina.

8. About 8,000 nerves end in Clitoris. At the same time, male males end up with 4,000 nerves.

9. Squailine is a natural lubricant found in the vagina and sharks.

10.A more elastic-skinned Vagina helps to get out of infant, which is more than 10 pounds.


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