Paradise beach – The rocky beach one of the beautiful sea coast

The fourth and final beach along the coast of Gokarna town in the state of Karnataka is Paradise Beach which is also known as Full Moon Beach. This beach can be accessed by three different ways post-monsoon but there is no road connectivity to Paradise Beach.

The easiest way is to board a motorboat from either Om Beach or Half Moon Beach. But never pay the fare that is asked by the people who operate the boats, pay them only 60% of the fair that is asked.

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The second way of getting to Paradise Beach is to hike from Half Moon Beach. This hike takes not more than 20 minutes, but one should remember to walk along the big rocks that are just above the sea coast at Half Moon Beach and go around the hill. Initially one might not see a pathway around the hill but keep going and mid-way through the hike you will be able to see Paradise Beach. This hike is a bit tricky at certain sections but very much doable.

Do not hike the trail that goes through the hills since that is a lot more time consuming and will take about an hour to reach Paradise Beach through the hills.

Paradise Beach is about 150 meters in length and a good 70% of the beach has rock cover all over it. The remaining section has very clean white sand. This beach used to be a Hippie hot spot a few years ago and was also very famous for the weed that was sold on the beach.

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But this was stopped by a government official who put an end to this hippie paradise by breaking all the shacks and also prohibiting any kind of commercial activities on this beach. Proof of this is the remains of the broken down shacks still lying on the beach shore.

Many of the locals say that the reason for all of this was because the foreign travellers who used to make Paradise Beach their home from the months of November to March and these did not like Indian tourist coming to the beach.

This beach still attracts foreign travellers but in small number who prefer making a day trip while a few camps the night by cooking their own food and staying in makeshift tents.

If one decides to spend a night at Paradise Beach then camping is the only option that is available. Camping at this beach for a night is not a bad option since there is a freshwater well on the beach. The water from this well is clean and safe to drink and use for cooking.

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The currents near Paradise Beach are very strong and it is advisable not to swim too far from the shore. Also, avoid hiking back to Half Moon Beach after sundown since one wrong footing can be fatal.

Paradise Beach is not only cut off from civilization but also gives one the feeling of isolation. This is the perfect place to find solace and to spend some quality time in nature’s lap.


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