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This video of ‘Aliens’ moving through lightning is going viral

The ‘U’ in UFO itself says’Unidentified’, but when you are talking about aliens and the possibillity of finding extraterrestrial life, even unidentified objects make some excitement. But then you get some mind-blowing videos to back your claim and that’s the festival of all conspiracy theorists. UFO talks and alien life discussions are surfacing again, thanks to this enigmatic video.

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The video was uploaded to YouTube by “secureteam10” a channel obsessed with the ideas of alien sightings. The video shows a triangular shaped UFO with in a lightning bolt. The top theories that are doing rounds currently includes Aliens, using their advanced technology to draw power from Lightning or was using lightning as its path.The aliens, they say are much more powerful than humans and has technology that can harness the power of lightning. The picture was reportedly taken In Czech republic.

It was not too long ago that the same Youtube channel had reported another UFO sighting. It even showed the picture of the debris of a UFO crashed in to earths surface. The current video has gone viral in YouTube with 225000 views in less than 24 hours. Scientists have so far got no solid evidence to confirm any type of alien life making its way to earth.


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