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Karnataka polls : EC seizes over 9000 fake Voter IDs from Karnataka


Karnataka polls :EC seizes over 9000 fake Voter IDs from Karnataka

Election officials on Tuesday seized two steel trunks full of 9,746 genuine voter ID cards and 1 lakh counterfoil strips with serial numbers resembling acknowledgement slips of form 6 used for addition of new voters in the electoral rolls. These were found in a flat in Sharadambha Nagar (Jalahalli) in Rajarajeshwarinagar constituency.

High drama prevailed at the flat, when BJP and JD(S) workers, on a tip-off,  raided it to unearth the alleged scam. Both the parties have petitioned the Election Commission to countermand polls in the constituency.

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These voter ID cards were among thousands more burnt allegedly by supporters of local Congress MLA Munirathna. Each bundle of voter ID cards was attached with a card with Munirathna’s photo. The counterfoil strips were with serial numbers, considered “very serious”. Each bundle bore a name and a mobile number, which is to be investigated.

Chief Electoral Officer Sanjiv Kumar said, “This case is certainly serious and is being investigated under Election Commision of India’s supervision. In the next 24 hours we’ll know more about it and firm action will be taken. We cannot yet decide whether to countermand the polls in Rajarajeshwarinagar.”



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