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OMG, An Angel is Caught in a Camera ? See Pics

I know what you’re thinking. Photoshops probably have an “angel” button by now. But fire fighter Glen Thorman,54 is convinced that an angel is watching over his family. He had installed a motion activated device that took two pictures of a what looked like a winged being, at his residence in East Jordan, Michigan.

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Mr Thorman said “ I had it going off after midnight that night and I didn’t check it then, but when I was eating lunch the next day I was thinking, ‘oh look, the camera took a couple of pictures last night’.
“I was like, ‘whoa, it’s an angel’. I mean, honestly, tears started coming from my eyes and right then I sent it to my wife and I sent it to my pastor.
“The pastor said right back, ‘that’s an angel’.”

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He said that as a family they pray for God to send angels to protect them and watch over them, and when that happened it just blew them away.
“I have a really strong faith in God as it is, but it was just like one more thing added to it.
“It strengthened our faith and confirmed, ‘this is real, God is real, angels are real and miracles happen’.”

Glen Thorman
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Some people though have a theory that it is in fact a moth but Glenn dismisses it .
He said the camera was there a long time, but it never took any pictures of any moths. He said “We still had snow on the ground, so it was still cold, so I don’t know that there were any moths out.”

You can believe in it or not, but so far there isn’t a good theory to explain this angel.


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