SCAMMER CALLING!!! Mobile scammers are at it again

Did you receive a call stating that you won a jackpot? Then beware the scammers are on the prowl.

UAE residents have been urged to be wary of fraudsters claiming to be representatives of a UAE telecom firm and telling unsuspecting residents that they have hit a jackpot.

In a notice sent out to its subscribers on Monday, du (Gulf-based telecom communication) said that some fraudsters are impersonating as a staff of the telecom firm.

They’re apparently calling people up, informing them that they have won a huge prize in a raffle draw just to con consumers out of their money.

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“Be aware of people who falsely claim to work at du and offer you lottery or prize winnings,” du said in an SMS.

“Please decline such illegitimate offers as they are fraudulent.”

Lottery draws are increasingly popular in the UAE. Companies like Dubai Duty-Free and Abu Dhabi International Airport (Big Ticket) are declaring new multi-millionaires every month.

Dubai Duty-Free had warned in March that fraudsters have also been doing the rounds and pretending to be representatives of DDF.

Raffle draw participants are strongly advised to verify the authenticity of any call or message before doing anything further.

“It has come to our attention that there are a number of inauthentic emails and telephone calls that claim to be from Dubai Duty-Free advising individuals that they have won in one of [our] promotions. These inauthentic emails use addresses such as Yahoo, AOL, Gmail,” Dubai Duty-Free said in a fraud alert posted earlier.


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