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You cannot talk about Messi in Ronaldo’s house!

Messi and Ronaldo.The question of who is better than who will linger around for ever. But do the legendary players keep a grudge between them ? It’s hard to think so but it’s true that the name “Messi” is banned in Christiano Ronaldo’s house. It was revealed by Christianos sister, Katia an interview she gave to french media L’Equipe.

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Katia said “We don’t talk about Messi inside the house. Cristiano knows that outside the door, there’s a whirlwind and he knows that, when he crosses the door from the outside to the inside, he is protected. This is where he recharges all his batteries. He’s very focused, in his own bubble, but he’s also very anxious. He plays the match out in his head, thinks about how things will happen.”

“There are some who play until the age of 37. Cristiano is not a machine, but he will continue to play while he can, I think for three or four more years.”

Katia said her brother is a reserved person and has always been a perfectionist.

Both superstars of world football has been fighting hard to be the best player in the world. Both of them have won Ballon d’Or on five occasions with numerous league titles and champions leagues.


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