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Do You Wear Distressed Jeans? You May Stop it After Seeing these Pictures

Very often older People find it baffling why jeans so many holes in it sell for a higher price. Fashion can be quite strange at times but if you are a fan of torn jeans, I got some pictures that you should take a look at.

This is a British woman ,Shell, who apparently thought it was cool to show patches of her skin in a torn jeans but ended up having lines on her skin for her fashion sense. It’s summer in Britain and the authorities have already asked the Citizens to dress sensibly, but the word ‘sensible’ didn’t mean not wearing a torn jeans for her. Trousers are meant to protect your skin and when you wear trousers with slits like that, you are beating the purpose.

Shell is not alone in her predicament though. Here are some of the other victims.

torn jeans

torn jeans


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