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India is our country and Narendra Modi is our powerful leader, says Mehbooba Mufti

India is our country and Narendra Modi is our  powerful leader, says J&K CM Mehbooba Mufti

Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti on Saturday thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for announcing Ramzan ceasefire and making consistent efforts to ensure J&K comes out from protracted misery. 

She reiterated that Modi was a powerful Prime Minister with mandate of majority who can play a decisive role . She assured the PM that for his one step of (ceasefire) from the position of power and strength to balm the festering wound, people of the state will take ten steps in same direction. 

“Even if we have stones in our hands or somebody has a gun, they are still your children. This is our country. This is your state. J&K is the head of this country which you have crowned. I salute you. I know how much difficult it was to visit Pakistan. This may be easy for us to say. But I know what difficulties you face,” said Mufti. 

The J&K chief minister accompanied Modi, during his visit to three regions of the state. In the morning he flew to Leh kick starting work on strategic Zogilla tunnel, then he landed in Srinagar, where he inaugurated 330 MW Kishenganga project and laid foundation of Srinagar Ring Road project. In the afternoon, he flew to Jammu and addressed convocation of SK University of Agricultural Science and Technology. She addressed the gathering in at SKICC in Srinagar. 

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“Modiji, people of J&K are stuck in many miseries. There is no doubt that you tried in all direction to take us out from this misery. This is probably why for the people of J&K you walked down to Pakistan. This has never happened that PM of such a big country will go like that. Unfortunately we didn’t get positive response. Today when we have stopped operations, from Pakistan side we expected that we would get positive response in this holy month of Ramazan. We haven’t seen that. We are thankful that you are doing whatever you can do to take out J&K from the misery,” said Mehbooba. 

While referring to non-initiation of combat operation during Ramazan, Mufti said, “For past few days our mothers are sleeping in peace thinking that their children are safe. Allah says that a human being who is not thankful to other human being cannot be thankful to me. So, we are all thankful to you for taking such a big step (ceasefire). This is not an easy decision. It needs a lot of courage. I am sure mothers would be praying for you right now as their children are safe,” said Mufti. 

J&K, Mufti said remains a challenge for every Prime Minister of India since 1947 and Modi being kind and large hearted with massive mandate could bring change. “Mufti sahab (Mufti Sayed) used to say that if you construct roads with gold and drains with silver, killing of one innocent will wash all that off. I request that please continue to strive for J&K. We are hopeful that whatever we have to get we will get it from this country. We have to get it from you who has got majority vote,” said Mufti 

She also praised Modi for his out of box thinking, saying, “You said there should be Disney land type view in this (Zogilla) tunnel. Who thinks like that? We just think that tunnel should be constructed and that is enough.” 

All the political parties, who fight elections, Mufti said unanimously for the first time in 70 years, praise, the Agenda of Alliance, working document between the coalition partners BJP and PDP. 


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