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Rohingya Muslims Killed the Hindus in Myanmar mercilessly : Amnesty Report Says

There happened many debates in this country whether to bring Rohingya Muslims into this country or not. In those debates, most aggressive stand for bringing Rohingyan Muslims to India had been taken by the Communist parties along with the fringe Muslim groups like SDPI and the Indian Union Muslim League. There were reports about Bengal providing Adhaar cards using fake residency details to the Rohingyan Muslims who stealthily entered India through Siliguri, popularly called Chicken Neck Corridor. The Rohingya Muslims have been portrayed by the media as victims of the Myanmar government and some world countries took this as a chance to attack the Buddhist culture there, sans China. But a report released by Amnesty International shows that the real victims in the Rohingya dominated Rakhine state were the Hindus. Through the report, it has come to light that the armed Rohingya groups massacred up to 99 Hindu women, men and children in the Rakhine state as early as August 2017. The report shows the brutality with which the Rohingyas targeted and killed Hindu groups in the Rakhine State in Myanmar.

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On August 26, 2017, the ARSA(Arakkan Rohingya Salvation Army) had attacked Hindu community and killed six Hindus- a man, three children, and two women near Maungdaw town, near Myo Thu Gyi Village, the report said. Kor Mor La(25), one of the survivors told
Amnesty that the people who had shot at them were dressed in black and that she could not see their faces, only eyes were visible. Her husband was shot next to her and she was shot in the chest, after which she fell unconscious.

22-year-old Bina Bala recounted that fateful day when she along with other 8 women were taken to Bangladesh by ARSA. Bina Bala said that she had been praying at the time when they came and that some of them were wearing black and others were in normal clothes
.She is sure about one thing that those who came there were not outsiders but from within the Rakhine state, a dominant area of Rohingyan Muslims. Also, she was able to recognize some who were from the village itself. According to her statement, the men had confiscated their(Hindus) mobile phones and had ordered them to stand in the courtyard. The men had held knives and long iron rods and they had tied the hands of Hindu women behind their backs and blindfolded them, she said. When a terrified Bini asked them what they were doing, they said that she and the (ethnic) Rakhine were same and that they had a different religion. They threatened her that she could not live there. The attackers had spoken the Rohingya dialect, she said. Bini Bala remembered that they had beaten them up and also took all the valuables including gold and money.

Rika Dhar, a 24-year-old survivor told the Amnesty that they had not got a chance to run and that she was blindfolded and her hands tied behind her back. The report says,”after blindfolding the Hindu villagers, ARSA fighters marched them to a creek area on the
outskirts of the village. They then divided the men from the women and children, and brought the women into the forest”.The ARSA fighters executed 53 Hindus from Ah Nauk Kha Maung Seik which is verified by the Amnesty International and also consistent with
the testimony from survivors, other Kha Maung Seik residents, and the Hindu community leaders. The list of victims includes 20 men,10 women, 23 children and 14 who were under the age of 8! Only 16 lives -8 women and 8 children – were spared on the condition of ‘conversion’ to Islam and on the condition that they should marry selected ARSA fighters, the report cites.

The 8 survivors told Amnesty that the ARSA fighters had taken away the men and killed them. The survivors recounted the brutal Rohingya Muslim fighters who after coming back from the Rakhine state told them that they had come with the blood on their swords and on their hands and that they had killed the survivors’ husbands and the village headman. Cold blooded ARSA fighters slaughtered Hindu men. The survivors who were taken as captives had been told not to look at the fighters. They carried knives and swords and some carried spades and iron rods. Some surivors told that they had hid themselves in the shrubs and were forced to watch the gruesome murder of their fellow Hindus by Rohingyan Muslims.A survivor said that her uncle, father and brother had been slaughtered and after slaughtering the men, women were also slaughtered.

The report cites about two survivors- 18 year old Aur Nika and another girl Formila-who told that the ARSA fighters had been leading them away and when they looked back they saw women being killed. They told they had seen men holding the heads and hair(of the women) and others were holding knives and then they cut the throats of that women!



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