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Sex can lead to these health problems on your body

Sex can lead to these health problems on your body

Here are some Situations that can prove to be dangerous during/post sex:

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This mainly happens after a long-lasting intimate session. Erection requires a lot of blood flow and indulging in sex for a longer duration can lead to tenderness. Also, thrusting for a longer duration can lead to vaginal soreness. You may also notice your penis skin dark or red in colour. Just relax until it gets back to normal.

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Penile fracture

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One of the most dangerous things that can happen during sex is penile fracture. Penile fracture is the result of hard thrusting or trying an odd angle. As there is no bone in your boner, penile fracture is rupturing of the spongy tissue in your penis. Immediately consult a doctor if you experience penile fracture.

Burning sensation
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If you are not using a lube and your vagina is dry, you may experience friction burn, stinginess and even redness. So, next time avoid penetrating until the vagina is properly lubed.
Hickey on your boner
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A longer suction can lead to redness or purplish marks on the penis. This is caused due to capillary hemorrhaging from the blood vessels in your penis. Avoid touching that area and wait for the healing process to take place. If it doesn’t get cured on its own, contact your doctor.
Bite wounds
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Oral sex can cause bite wounds. If you find broken skin, visit a doctor.

Soreness in testicles
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Even if they are squeezed gently, it can lead to sore balls. Wait until they get back to normal. If the problem persists, consult a gynaecologist.

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