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5000 Aadhar cards intercepted in a scrap dealer’s shop in Jaipur

5000 Aadhar cards have been found in a scrap dealer’s shop in Jaipur. Somebody had brought a sack full of Aadhar cards and sold them to the scrap dealer.

Congress leader and ward Councillor of 76, Ikramddin Khan said that children informed him about so many Aadhar cards at the scrap dealer’s shop. He reached there and took them into his possession.

“There are 4000 to 5000 Aadhar cards of people in my ward. Instead of reaching to the people they belong, these Aadhar cards ended up at scrap dealer’s shop in a sack. Some alert children who spotted them informed me,” Khan said.

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According to him he then called people from the details given in Aadhar card for verification. “They belonged to all kind of people including school children, youths, professionals and women. They said they have been waiting for their Aadhar cards for months,” Khan said.

Rise in the number of questions that have been asked over the government’s claim of safety and security of Aadhar cards, the Congress leader said it shows how careless and insensitive the government is. “Imagine the mental torture and agony, the children and their parents went through because Aadhar card is mandatory for admission in schools.

A large number of Aadhar cards found in the sack at the scrap dealer’s shop are in the name of school going children,” he claimed and demanded action against those responsible.


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