Kajal Aggarwal reveals that she felt disturbed to kiss this actor

Kajal Aggarwal is an actress who made her film debut with the Bollywood movie Kyun…! Ho Gaya Na in 2004. After which, she has worked in many Telugu, Hindi and Tamil movies. Usually, Aggarwal doesn’t do kissing scenes in South. But when the script of Do Lafzon Ki Kahani demanded a kissing scene, her co-actor, Randeep Hooda followed the emotional quotient of the scene.

While doing a romantic scene with Kajal Agarwal, Randeep Hooda apparently got carried away and kissed her on her lips. The actress was utterly upset when Randeep Hooda kissed her as it was not a part of the script. Although Kajal did not say anything to Randeep, she demanded deletion and reshooting of the scene.

“I was petrified but Randeep made it very easy and comfortable for me. He ensured I was comfortable. We spoke a lot and I let my inhibitions down. I had my reservations about it as I have not done it in South. Then I understood the importance of it and that it was part of the script. I don’t know how this thing came up. Who does things like this? We are professionals and everything we do on screen is pre-decided.” the actress said.

Talking about ‘Do Lafzon Ki Kahani’, the actress said:

“We both worked hard for this film. Both our characters are diametrically opposite each other. I am a very active, positive, radiant, happy-go-lucky, innocent girl, while Randeep is MMA fighter. He is intense, deep and has a dark past. So they are very opposite people and how they fall in love with each other.”

Explaining the situation and Kajal’s stance on the kissing scene, Deepak Tijori said:

“I do remember Kajal had told me that she does not do kissing scenes on screen, as she is a huge South Indian movie star, and this would impact her career in South movies. But let me tell you, there was no intention to malign her or kiss her without her knowledge. It was the emotional moment between two lovers as per the script, and I generally prefer actors doing scenes impromptu, so Randeep followed the emotional quotient of the scene.”

Talking about Kajal’s reaction, Deepak Tijori said:

“She did back off after calling for a cut, but later on once I had explained to her the significance of the liplock, she surrendered herself to the script and went on to do the scene with all the passion she could put in.”

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