14-year-old gang raped while brother hanged by culprits

What started out as a mysterious death case to the police, revealed shocking details on the brutal rape of a minor.

Punjab police here have cracked a case concerning the mysterious death of a 12-year-old boy who was found hanging from the ceiling of his house earlier this month. In a most shocking turn of events, three men have been charged with the murder of the boy. What is even more appalling is that the men not only killed the boy but also raped his minor sister on June 15.

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The incident occurred when the girl was alone at home, and the boy was playing outside. As per media reports, the three accused forcibly entered the home and took turns raping the minor. The boy who was returning home found out that the main door of the house was locked which prompted him to enter the house by jumping over a boundary wall. To his astonishment, he saw the three men sexually assaulting his sister. He then tried to raise an alarm and the three men in an attempt to silence him, strangulated the boy.

Trying to make the death look like a suicide, the accused then hung the boy’s body from a hook in the ceiling using a cloth. They also threatened the girl that they would kill her parents if she revealed anything to them or anyone else. Upon returning home from a funeral, the parents, both labourers discovered the boy’s body and reported the matter to the police. After the parents refused to believe that the boy would have killed himself, police began probing other possible angles which led them to believe that the sister knows more than she is willing to divulge. After police officials and her parents nudged her, to tell the truth, the girl broke down and narrated her ordeal.

Based on the girl’s statement, police have registered cases against the three accused, all in their 20s. Cases under relevant sections of the IPC corresponding to charges of rape, murder and criminal conspiracy have been lodged in addition to sections under the POCSO Act. A manhunt has been launched to arrest the three accused who are currently at large.


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