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These are the Important things You Should Know Before Getting Married

Sex forms an important part of any marriage relationship, but little do we think or realise that marriage goes a lot beyond that. If our focus is solely fixated on the physical aspect, your marriage can misfire. Every youngster to be married or just married, Watch out for these important things in your married life, especially if you are marrying from a conventional Indian family.

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When to have kids?
Am sure you figured out that for yourself. It can be quite irritating when all the relatives and close friends keep asking you about the ‘good news’. Well, the good news for you is that you shouldn’t succumb to their pressure, but instead discuss with your partner and reach a decision on when to have your child.

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Respecting Others Beliefs

It’s possible that you and your partner have beliefs in complete contrast with each other, especially spiritual. You could be following a different religion, might be an atheist or agnostic, and it’s important that you respect the beliefs of your partner. People can be quite attached to their religion and mocking at their practices or rituals could land the relationship in serious trouble.

Your Relation with In-laws
In-laws can be anything from helpful to horrible, depending on how you handle them. But if they are closer to your age, in most cases they could be good company and someone nice to talk to. Ideally, you don’t want to distance them but then you don’t want them to be indulging in your personal affairs a lot either..

Shouldering Responsibilities

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Marriage doesn’t have hard and fast rules and gender roles need to be forgotten. One can do anything to help out their partner even if it breaks the gender stereotypes. So if you got time, head to the kitchen and help you wife chop some vegetables, maybe.

Set boundaries

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Given the upbringing most Indian children have, they take it for granted that conjugal life doesn’t allow any boundaries between spouses. ‘What’s yours is mine, what’s mine is yours’ is what most believe. But married life too has some boundaries and it’s wise not to cross those.

Is that all? Well, the list goes on, but if you can at least take care of these, chances are good that you will have a fruitful life.


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