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Curious Minor Boy inserts USB cable into Penis without Thinking After Effect!!

They say that curiosity kills the cat. It certainly got a Chinese teenager hospitalised when he let his curiosity get the best of him. A 13-year old boy from Linkou China got himself in a particularly knotty situation when he decided to experiment with a USB chord. He inserted the long chord 20 cms into his penis, only to realise that he couldn’t remove it.

His parents rushed him to Harbin Children’s Hospital the next day. Doctor Xu Liyan, the resident urologist at the hospital, said that the boy had cut off one end of the cable and inserted it into his urethra. The cable had coiled inside his bladder into a knot. So when he tried to remove it, it got stuck inside his body and caused him intense pain.

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At first, the medics tried to apply lubrication to free the USB out of his urethra but that only caused him more pain. So they decided to use a more invasive technique by cutting into his bladder and removing the knotted part. They then removed the rest of the chord through the urethra. The boy who hasn’t been named confessed that he was curious about his genitalia, which promoted him to shove the cable into his penis.

This is not the first story of a Chinese person shoving a foreign object into his body cavity. Last month, a man had shoved an entire eggplant into his anus in a bid to relieve himself of constipation. Another man had inserted a live eel into his anus for the same reason.


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