Difference Between step cut and layer cut Hairstyle

Layer cut:

Layers blend, there is no spacing between each cut hair. So there should not be any gaps in each layer. It has a flow.

Step cut:

is a type of layer that has spacing in between. The layers do NOT blend. You can see “steps” in the hair, meaning, you see the layers more in a step cut than you do in a layered cut.

Step cutting is a term used for the Graduated haircut. In this kind of haircut, the hair takes the form of cascading steps. … Most preferred is a 2-step cut where the shortest layer is above shoulders and the next one few inches below. The layers are made to curl out.

Step haircut gives a bounce to your hair and looks very fashionista while they layer haircut doesn’t give bounce to hair but adds volume to the hair. Most of the people really confused about the difference between these amazing and pretty haircuts and they seem them as the same. No doubt there are many similarities between these haircuts but it is a bit different in them also. there is a 3 inches gap between each step in the step cutting and you can easily see different steps and these steps give bounce to hair. This is never getting an old haircut.

In the layered haircut, there is not a big difference in each layer so that you can’t see individual layers they are very finely blended with each other and adds volume to the hair. Hope you guys now understand the difference between these two closely related haircuts.



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