A Donut Bun Hairstyle, Step by step Tutorial

The donut bun is so versatile that it can even be paired with a French braid.

The donut bun is so versatile that it can even be paired with a French braid. It can go on the side, it can be done high or low, you could create a messy look or a neat one. Therefore, getting this bun right will allow you to play around and create numerous hairstyles.

Things You Need:

  • A Donut Bun (easily available at a fancy store)/A Piece Of Elastic
  • A Tail Comb
  • Some Plastic Rubber Bands
  • Some Bobby Pins
  • Hair Spray

How To Style

Pull all your hair together, and comb neatly using a tail comb. Push all your hair behind, and hold it into a neat ponytail. Tie it up using a rubber band. This is for a basic and neat airhostess bun, but the neatness quotient really depends on the hairstyle you want to sport. If you want a messy look, or if you want a French braid in the front, you need to make allowance for that before you start the bun. In case you want the bun on the side, you will have to create your ponytail accordingly.

Slip the donut bun, or the elastic, into the ponytail.


Then, cover the bun with your hair; you will have to use your hands to hold the hair tight.

Once that is done, you could use another rubber band to secure it.

This step is the most important, and can also get a little tricky. With a little practice, you will attain perfection. Initially, you might want to use a mirror that will allow you to see how you work the bun. Once you master the technique, it is going to be much simpler.

Now, you must be wondering what to do with the remaining hair that is sticking out.

Well, all you need to do is divide it into two parts, and twirl each part around the bun.

Secure this excess hair with bobby pins. In case you want to amp up this simple bun, you could braid the leftover hair, and then secure it to give your bun a fancy frame.

Spritz some hairspray to neaten the stray strands of hair, and to keep the bun in place for a longer duration. Use your tail comb to put all the hair in front in place. There you go – another quick fix hairstyle in your kitty!

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