Minor hangs himself; parents claim non-payment of fees, school says no

different stories from school & parents

A minor was found dead by his father in their home. While his parents claim that he was harassed for non-payment of fees, the school authorities have a different story.

 A 13-year-old student studying in the seventh standard at Little Flower High School, Kavadiguda, Hyderabad reportedly committed suicide by hanging himself at his residence.

And the school’s story is different from that of the parents.

The father had gi=one to the school to collect the house keys from his son, only to be informed that he was not in school. On reaching home, he found his son on the front steps and alleged that the headmistress has sent him away for non-payment of fees.

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The father left soon after receiving a call from the office and half-an=hour later to find the boy hanging from the ceiling on a saree. Breaking open the door, the father took his son to the hospital where he was declared dead.

The mother stated: “The school management used to harass my children for not paying school fees. My husband and I together earn `20,000 which was not enough to meet our needs. So we made both our children appear for the Telangana Gurukul Common entrance exam. My daughter got a seat and we sent her to a hostel. Recently, with a lot of difficulties, we bought notebooks for my son and they did this to my son.”

But the school said the boy has not come to the school for the past 2 days. The headmistress, said, “They are trying to blame me. I never used to ask for fees from school children. We don’t know what happened at home. I didn’t send anyone home because of fees.”

An investigation is going on, and the police have been checking the CCTV.

The police have registered a case under section 174 CrPC.


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