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Sabarimala Women Entry Issue: Amicus Curiae Turning it Around in the Last Moment?

After giving the impression that Supreme Court might just make a verdict allowing women of all age to be allowed in Sabarimala, things have gone a different direction in the last moment. Justice Deepak Misra has said that it is difficult to question the belief system in Sabarimala. He said one can only question the credibility of beliefs and the honesty in the words.

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Chief Justice said the celibacy of Ayyappa was considered by the high court in making its verdict. Amicus Curiae Rama Moorthy said that the existing system of banning women of a certain age from Sabarimala has to be continued. He added that a litmus test on beliefs should not be done. He also said that the state government was forced to change its stand due to political pressure. “The government cannot indulge in customs and rituals”, he said


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