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Electric scooter explodes inside house : Watch Video

A man, along with his daughter and a pet dog escaped unhurt a massive explosion in their house after an electric scooter exploded. The CCTV video footage in which the incident was recorded has gone viral on social media after it was posted on Tuesday. The incident took place at an unidentified location in China when an electric scooter, that could be seen charging, exploded.

The CCTV footage reveals that the scooter was parked inside the house and was put in charge. The man in the video could be seen sitting on the sofa of what could be identified as their living room. The daughter was sitting beside him on the sofa and the dog was sitting across the table.

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As per the video footage, the dog jumped and the man was alerted when the machine started emitting smoke due to a fault. The man then went to the charging port to switch off the button.




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