Look-alikes of celebrity actresses inside Indian film industry

Let's have a look at these celebrities who are a look-alike

They say in the acting field the main thing that matters is your face. But it is not so true!

It is generally believed that all of us have seven doppelgangers in the world- those who are not related to us but look disturbingly similar.

The thought can be amusing as well as disconcerting, but not entirely unbelievable. And if you still have some doubt then you must take a look at all those people who resemble celebrities. Sometimes even two celebrities look like each other.

Let’s have a look at these celebrities who are a look-alike:

  • Namitha Pramod- Madirashi
Third party image reference
  • Katrina Kaif- Zareen Khan
Third party image reference
  • Chippi- Monisha
Third party image reference
  • Isha Talwar-Katrina Kaif
Third party image reference
  • Deepthi Sathi- Jennifer Winget
Third party image reference
  • Shamna Kasim-Shriya Sheran
Third party image reference
  • Jewel Mary- Swara Bhaskar


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