Beautiful Arabic Mehndi Designs To Try Out

In Arabic Mehendi the designs have distinctive floral artwork and a free-flowing structure; the floral designs are repeated in a geometric pattern covering entire hands and foot. Arabic mehndi will accentuate the beauty and make her look ravishing!

Arabic Mehendi originated in Arabian countries and it gradually gained popularity in Asia, especially in India and Pakistan. Often Indian motifs are combined along with Arabic Mehendi, resulting in mixed patterns. Arabic mehendi is more bold and prominent because it is created using dark brown and black mehendi instead of red mehendi. The outline or borders of the designs are created using black mehendi that make it look bold and beautiful.

Here are some beautiful Mehndi Designs you can try out :

This design is simple, elegant and not messy. Those who shy away from full hand designs can try this mehendi design. The motifs are not complicated and the floral patterns are very feminine. This design is suitable for any occasion and can be done by anyone. Even if you are not an expert at creating mehendis you can still make this design.

Want to try some out of the box Arabic mehendi design for your hands? Then you can definitely try this one. The inverted heart pattern and the net like patterns with tiny flowers make this mehendi design very different from the usual ones. This Arabic mehendi design is very intricate due to the minute details, may be a little complicated to create. However, this design will look stunning on the hands of the bride.


Looking for some unique and creative Arabic mehendi designs for hands? This mehendi design is different with the large floral pattern on the three fingers. While on one side of the palm and fingers are decorated with intricate large designs the other side is kept simple with occasional dots. It is a nice blend of intricate as well as simple motifs making this design an ideal choice for the modern bride and it can also be tried on anyone who wants their hands to do all the talking. This design will surely let your hands stand out from the crowd!

Here is a very girly floral and unique design. This out of the box design will attract attention to your hands. It has a touch of femininity with the large flowers on the hand and the open spaces create a special impact. The tips are specially emphasized using the intricately done patterns. This style is not messy and looks perfect on the hands of would-be brides too.

Credits: Stylecraze

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