Culprit Hits Police With Pickaxe In Station; SHOCKING CCTV VISUALS

A shocking CCTV visual revealed a culprit hitting a policeman with a pickaxe before running off.

The incident took place in Madhya Pradesh, where the accused was arrested on for disrupting the peace. The 25-year-old man was later arrested again.

In the CCTV visuals, the accused can be seen hitting the 2 policemen with a pickaxe on their head from behind, knocking them unconscious.

See VIDEO uploaded by TIMES OF INDIA:

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The head constable, one of the injured was reported as critical and has been shifted to the hospital.

For disrupting the peace, the accused 7 his friend were arrested by the police who were made to sit outside rather than in a lock-up. The accused attacked when he realized that there was no guard & escaped with his friend only to be caught on Sunday night.

The pickaxe was left behind for some construction work in the area.


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