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#MeToo: Chetan Bhagat Accused Again, this time by Author Ira Trivedi

#MeToo campaign is getting stronger and more and more celebrities are taking the initiative to speak about their tough experience in the past. Indian author-turned-celebrity Chetan Bhagat who was already accused once has been accused yet again, by not one but two other women. Another #MeToo survivor, none other than best-selling author and award-winning journalist Ira Trivedi, has come ahead with her story alleging Author Chetan Bhagat as well as Suhel Seth for allegedly having sexually assaulted and harassed her years ago.

After sharing Whatsapp screenshots of Chetan’s attempts to woo her, the writer In her long article published by Outlook has gone on to allege that Bhagat, 10 years ago at Jaipur Literature Festival tried to force himself upon her.  Ira said  “And the reality is that they did not behave appropriately, this is no way to behave with another woman, especially a much younger woman and especially when one of the men is married, one of them is 25 years older. And I also thought that it was my responsibility to come up and speak up. You know, because when women don’t speak up with their stories, it’s very difficult.”

Bhagat, on the same day where the screenshots surfaced, had apologised to both the accuser as well as Anushka, his wife of 20 years.


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